Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions for us about wall art? We got you, here we will explain all the details to help increase your knowledge and understanding of all things wall prints related.

What are wall art prints?

Wall art prints are professional grade graphically designed, photographed or artwork created that has been digitally converted to print so you can place within a wall art frame and hang in your interior space.

Here at Yorkelee we use professional grade industry standard printers, such as our Epson SureColour large format printer. This printer is specifically designed to produce photography, gallery quality artwork, it represents a pinnacle in colour printing technology with an ultra-high resolution and an incredible colour gamut.

Our wall art printer is 24 inch (610mm) wide, so we can do large format printing up to around 61x91cm. Max resolution 2880x1440dpi, we use large rolls of matte uncoated 210gsm artwork quality paper.

We also use a smaller professional grade printer to print our monochrome, text based typography wall art designs. This paper is slightly thicker, but matches our large format printing paper in terms of both whiteness and wall art thickness.

What is the difference between matte uncoated paper, gloss and satin paper stock?

The most important difference to understand here is the coating of the paper. 

Uncoated paper is exactly what it sounds like – paper that has no extra coating or paper finishing. Since there is no coating, there is no glare on the surface. This makes it ideal for displaying wall prints artwork in frames as you get zero reflection, it sits flat in the frame and doesn't move around. (some gloss and satin papers are slippery and can therefore not stay in one place when framed)

Gloss and Satin based paper provides a lot of shine, which results in a higher contrast and glare than other forms of paper stock. It does give a nice finish but is often used for smaller marketing materials such as business cards, flyers etc.

Do your prints come framed?

Yorkelee wall prints come unframed. We have found our customers prefer to find/or already have their own frames that suit the particular interior style of their home. This also minimises the cost of postage as heavy items such as frames with glass, increases the cost of posting wall art. Yorkelee are all about keeping our wall prints as affordable as possible for our customers, we have a whole page with recommendations to stores that we suggest looking for wall art frames in Australia.

How long does it take to get my prints?

We get a lot of love here at Yorkelee and we print to order so that each print is not damaged by having stock sitting around, gathering dust or being handled too much. That means that it does take us a little longer than large businesses that have items ready to ship. Generally it takes us a maximum of 5 business days to process orders, then it depends on the wall art shipping option you selected. Australia Post standard shipping is usually 3-5 business days to most areas, Australia Post Express shipping is usually 1-3 business days to most areas. Usually next business day to areas such as Sydney and Melbourne.

However we CAN fast track your wall prints, you just need to text or email us as soon as you order and we can organise your order to get out within a day or two of ordering. If you give us a timeframe, we can almost always make sure you get your prints for that specific date.

Can Yorkelee help with selecting wall art?

Yes we can. It is a very personal decision, so we can't choose everything for you, you know your interior, home and style way better than we do. But we can always assist in any way we can if you provide us with information such as the style you're after/photographs of your space, we can work with you to give you options that you can choose from.

How do I know what size print to order?

That completely depends on your space. We suggest you either measure or hold up some paper or frames to get an idea of what size you'll need to purchase. We have a video on how to select the right size frame for your wall art print in our blog section. Click here to watch.

In basic terms, the larger the wall, the larger the wall print and print frame you'd usually need/use. If you're doing a gallery wall, draw out a rough layout on paper, or research some layout and combination gallery wall ideas from Pinterest, Insta and google. That will give you a good idea of what size you'll need to fit within the style you're going for, sometimes less is more, and even for a large wall, you can have a medium size print to one side that looks amazing. There are so many options when it comes to wall art Australia ideas, so do your research!

Do you do custom sizing?

Yes we sure do! We have a LOT of standard sizes in our dropdown menu already, sizes that are common and fit with frames from places like Ikea, Kmart and Target etc. However we can do almost any size you need up to 61x91cm in-house.

If we don't have the size you're after, just select the closest size in the dropdown menu and write the wall art measurements of what you're after in our notes field when checking out. You can also contact us, and we can add in that size to the print you're after to make it easier.