about Yorkelee art prints and how we create wall art Australia


Intrigued about who we are? Fair call. 

What is this Yorkelee thing?

It’s probably pretty obvious by now, but we’ll tell you anyway because we’re braggers – we’re an online art prints & posters store, specialising in original, unique wall art prints. We want everyone to have a stylish interior, which is why we’re proud to make our downloadable prints as affordable as possible. 

What's with the name Yorkelee?

Great question! And one we get a lot. And I mean…A. Lot. Everyday. 

Short answer is Yorkelee is a combination of Kate’s boys’ names: Yorke Levi and Morrissey Lee. We’re kinda hoping Morrissey won’t get too mad we only used his middle name, but he’s young and they tend to be forgiving. 

Also, I’m pretty sure Kate bribes him with ice cream. 

The kids are a huge part of the inspiration for so many of our prints, and one of the main reasons Kate started this whole thing, so the name has worked out perfectly!

Who's this Kate person and how can I be as cool as her?

Fact: You can’t. She’s the coolest, says Kate. The rest of us reckon it has a lot to do with 

Kate Fenning is Yorkelee’s owner, founder, designer, mother, spiritual guide and occasionally pretty good cook. Kate’s studied graphic design and worked in marketing and advertising at various ad agencies around town, before giving it all up to become proud mother of her two boys. 

Kate started Yorkelee prints after going on maternity leave, wanting a better work-life balance and doing what she loves – creating art and spending more time with her kids. Pfft, whatever, Kate – go back to the 9 to 5 like the rest of us!

What's D'Arne got to do with it?

Look, Kate is pretty darn talented, but there are others here at Yorkelee and D’Arne is one of them. D'Arne is a talented interior stylist, photographer and social media strategist and provides valuable backend support in all her specialised areas on a daily basis and frankly, we couldn't do without her! (Don’t ever tell her that.) 

Can I get in involved? Pretty, pretty please?!

Absolutely! That’s so amazing you want to work with us! And honestly, that’s why we do it really. We are passionate about design and love what we do and we love collaborating with other like-minded small businesses to create unforgettable interior spaces. 

Drop us an email and let us know how we can help (or if you just want to say hi, we’d love that too!)