Yorkelee + Feather & Noise Collab

Our fab art print collab with Feather & Noise Australia

Oh my gosh, where do I start!

Over the last two months I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with the amazing team over at Feather & Noise. 

Feather & Noise are one of the largest online fashion companies in the game! You heard me, these guys are fresh, they pride themselves on; practical, easy, staple, timeless styles, which is literally what I'm about. 

“I just wanted an outlet to style, share and sell all the gorgeous trends that I love to wear.  If I can help make others as happy as I am when I wear an F&N style, then that brings so much joy to me!" Say's Alison Long, founder of F&N.

interior wall art styling with fashion in Australia

Alison and I had been in contact last year via Insta, talking about collaborating in some way. We both got hectic with our online businesses and decided we would leave it until 2018. So 2018 came pretty dang fast, but we were both dedicated to the idea of working together, there was just an energy when we threw around ideas that we both wanted to explore.

We finally got to speak early 2018 over the phone and came up with a collaboration idea. I worked on two print concepts exclusive for F&N, they created a limited edition tee using our Purpose print design and we were off and running!

I flew down to Melbourne in April to work on our Winter 2018 F&N + Yorkelee collection. As soon as I arrived at F&N HQ I felt such an amazing vibe, like..... these are my people. I had the pleasure of meeting Nicole Kene, who worked her magic on my hair & make up (best hair and makeup I have EVER had for a photoshoot).

I was ready! We travelled around Melbourne for the day shooting the new collection, I had the most amazing photographer, Katie Fergus, we are like twins, same name, same vibe, just different parents.... love her! 

Being the first time I've ever modelled, I had no idea what I was doing! The team made it so easy though, we all clicked. I had stylist Jess Lee, from
Ivory Moth, creating these amazing looks, helping me with little tips and tricks on how to stand, where to look and when to smile. She is super talented, but also relaxed and easy going, which I respond to much better when doing something completely new.


And then there was Bonnie Kelly. My kindred spirit. She was behind the scenes taking pics and doing this amazing video of the shoot. She made me laugh and kept it fun. Check it out! 

I had such an amazing time with the F&N crew that I just HAD to come back down for their Winter 2018 Collection launch event in May, which included the launch of our collab purpose tee.

The night was electric, with so many amazing women all in the one place. I finally met good friend Chelsea Thomas from @iheartbargains - we have known each other for years online but never had the chance to meet. The amazing @stace_mcgregs was the guest speaker and blew everyone away with her inspiring story. It was such a great night, and I'm so so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it. 

Here is our Purpose collab tee and some pics from the event night.



Check out our Winter 2018 collection, purchase the Purpose Tee and read all about our collaboration over at the Feather and Noise website