Styling our newest Floral Wall Art Prints!

Interested in our newest floral wall art prints but have no idea how to style them, or what to style them with?! We got you. We will outline some simple steps we do when selecting prints to go together and show you a few of our newest floral range prints in gallery walls with other prints.

Below is our newest flower prints Zia & Ixia together. These two were photographed at the same time, so they were meant to be styled together! 

wall art print loungeroom for interiors Australia blog

Other prints we have with similar tones that would all work well together would be:

• Ixia
• Zia
• Minx
• baby Doll
• Willuna
• Hey Petal
• The Styler
• Gold Rush
• Couples custom name print

Here is a gallery wall with three art prints, where we have used similar but complimentary tones to create something that balances and is not too heavy on florals but works in most interior styles. We have used the middle couples custom wall art print to break up the florals, yet the florals are different tones, but still work well together.

Below we have used two similar toned floral prints (The Styler wall art print & Minx) with our couples custom name print. We love this combo because they are the same tones, but different stye of floral prints, with a contrasting print in the middle.

Another way to break up floral muted tone, neutral prints is using monochrome. Below we have styled a bedroom gallery wall using some of the prints listed above (florals with similar tones) and two monochrome wall art prints to break up and balance the gallery wall in terms of both colour and texture.

gallery wall art print by Yorkelee Prints Australia

In the above image we have used Baby Doll in A1, Minx in A1, then our Dreamer A3 print next to The Styler A3 print with our monochrome Head-on highlander wall art print to balance the gallery wall composition. 

bedroom wall art print interior gallery combination by Yorkelee Prints Australia

Above we have created one of our most popular wall art prints combinations. Minx in 61x91cm, Baby Doll in 30x40cm and 30x40cm custom couples names print. We also get a lot of customers that use these three prints in a row in A2 with the couples custom name print in the middle to break up the two floral prints.

If you have any questions in regards to print combos, sizes, frames, just contact us via email or text and we are happy to help.