Styling Kmart Interior Decor on a budget

Styling Kmart Australia homewares using wall art and Kmart styling tips

What's your style?
It's easy to transform a house to a home if you have stacks of money to do so..... but most of us mummas' don't....
So to help you guys out we're now going to do videos showing you how to style an interior space using a popular brand's trending decor..... on a budget. 
This video is the first of the series, showing some really cool Kmart Australia homewares, along with our Yorkelee wall art prints 61x91cm Highland Cow wall art print.
Here is a list of the homeware items used so you can shop this look.
  1. DIY Letter Board $12.00
  2. Harley Cushion - Tan $8.00
  3. Cement Pot Plant - $15.00
  4. Hexagon Mirror - $12.00
  5. Breakfast Chenille Geo Cushion - $8.00
  6. Faux Cowhide Rug - brown - $39.00


styling kmart interior decor on a budget, Yorkelee wall art prints