How to frame prints using Ikea frames

Check out our video on how to frame art prints after they have been rolled!

We get so many questions on what size prints to buy for frames (generally Ikea frames), what size to purchase if you want to leave the insert/border in that it comes with, so here is our 'how to' video to help you guys.
Things to remember;
  • We have used a 40x50cm Ikea frame, with a 40x50cm Austin wall art print, then a 30x40cm Austin wall art print to fit inside the 40x50cm Ikea frame with the border.
  • Purchase the frame before purchasing prints, as it will say on the frame insert sheet what size the frame is edge to edge, and what size the border is, generally it even tells you what size print you need if you want it to fit within the border.
  • Glass frames will always be better than plastic, as the print sits hard up against the glass, leaving less room for the print to move or ripple.
  • Press those clips down hard, sometimes you may even need to stick the print to the backing board, or put something in behind it, like cardboard/thick card to ensure it sits firm up against the clear side, so it doesn't move or ripple.
  • All Ikea frames can be slightly different in size, so sometimes our prints may be slightly too big or too small. If too big, fold or trim the edges. If too small turn the insert sheet over and you shouldn't notice, or contact us if it's a big problem.
Good luck!