How to flatten rolled up wall art prints from postal tubes

Wall prints flattening after being rolled up. How to flatten rolled wall art prints!


We had a lot of questions in regards to how you flatten rolled prints after you get them in your postal tubes. Here is our video on what we do and some helpful hints.
Things to remember;
  • Try and purchase frames with glass
  • Ensure the glass has pressure on it from the back board and clips of some sort holding it down
  • Glass frames will always be better than plastic, as the print sits hard up against the glass, leaving less room for the print to move or ripple.
  • Press those clips down hard, sometimes you may even need to stick the print to the backing board, or put something in behind it, like cardboard/thick card to ensure it sits firm up against the clear side, so it doesn't move or ripple.
  • Always best to purchase your frames first, so you get the size right, then purchase our prints, so you know they will fit straight in.
Good luck!