Want an alternative to frames?

Are you a mess when it comes to trying to figure out how to hang your prints? There are so many different options..... well fear no more!

We are going to break it down for you nice and simple and give you some options other than framing your prints! We will give you our recommendations on what has worked best for us and where to get the supplies you will need to create that stunning interior space without making a huge mess on your walls.


One of my fave options is to use print/poster specific ledge (they look like a very narrow floating wall shelf) with a tiny front bit to stop the frames from falling off. THESE ARE SO GOOD! Why? because you can change the frames/prints displays on them whenever you want without ruining your entire wall. AND they look amazing. You can combine prints in different size frames and choose the right size rail that suits your wall. They also have a number of different options when it comes to colours, wood tones, white and black as standard. 

The best part is you can get them from places like Bunnings and Ikea. Below I will add photo examples of a homes using the print rails, and a few links to places you can get them.

Interior Motives Australia
Bunnings Australia
Ikea Australia

 Kids Bedroom - using black art print ledge

kids bedroom interior styling using Yorkelee Prints wall art prints online Australia

 Main Bedroom - using wood art print ledge

main bedroom interior styling using Yorkelee Prints Australia

 Kids Bedroom - using white art print ledge

 girls bedroom interior wall art prints Australia



You can also use the wider shelf to achieve a similar look, but this allows you to add additional items onto the wall like ornaments, plants, bowls, flowers etc. the below living space is an example of how you can use shelving to have a combination. The only restriction with these are you can generally only have smaller print sizes on these shelves, not super large prints or lot of different sizes, if you stack them like these.

Living room - using light wood art wider shelves

living space using wall art prints for interior decorating



There are two different types of hanging art print clips/contraptions we have used in the past. The first (below) which is a wooden magnet based top & bottom wall hanger. This uses string clipped to the back of the top bar which allows you to hang it onto hooks or nails etc. the top and bottom bars are magnets on the inside so they clip together and hold the print in place.

They are super different and creative and look good if you're after an alternative to frames. They also come in a variety of sizes. This one below is from a while ago, so I'm unsure where sell these now.... this one was from www.interiormotivesaus.com.au

poster wall art print online Australia



If you wanna go old school, you can always use clipboards, or clips (seen below) they can look really clean and simple when done right! These are great for clipping onto existing material in an office or shelf etc. 

Another fun option is just to use washi tape! You can get it patterned and tape them up by the corners in kids rooms, it's fun and allows you to not ruin the walls at the same time as washi tape doesn't pull paint off! (see example of kids room below)

office interior decor wall art print gallery

kids bedroom wall art print decorating