Finding art print frames; check out Top Dollar!

We know the best stores to buy wall print frames from in Australia

Where do I buy frames?!

This has to be the number 1 question we get! The usual places we suggest like Ikea, Kmart, Freedom Furniture, Big w, Officeworks, they're all fine, however there's one little shop that often gets overlooked and actually has some really quality art print frames!

It's Top Dollar, often they are called different names in different locations, but generally they are the little stores that sell a variety of cheaper products. They have been stocking these amazing Poster Frames for a few years now, they are actually really good quality, with actual glass (which a lot of the Ikea ones don't have).

The come in a variety of sizes such as 60x90, 40x50, A2 and a bunch of smaller sizes. They have a really nice light wood colour, black, white, silver..... you name it!
So before you freak out not being able to find the frame you're after, check out your local Top Dollar shop!