Do you struggle creating Gallery Walls? We got you covered!

Need some tips on creating the best gallery wall? We know it's not the easiest thing to do.... so here's some of our tips to help you nail it!

wall art print gallery wall in bedroom by Yorkelee Prints Australia


First - understand your space

• Have a good idea of what style you want, do research about what you like, get inspired on Insta and Pinterest, so that you know what colours, style and tones you will be needing for your gallery wall.

• Measure your space, see what you’re working with so that you can easily figure out how many prints/frames will fit

• If you’re terrible with measuring, go buy the frames come back and hold them up, we have a whole video on this: 

    Second - selecting the artwork

    • When selecting prints maintain and remember the style you’re going for (have a mood board, examples printed of interiors/styles you like), don’t get carried away with just everything you like, keep in mind the overall look & feel you are trying to achieve, this will help you make better decisions.

    • Often it’s easier to replicate something you have seen, rather than start from scratch. It doesn’t need to be exactly the same, but you’re more likely to get the style and feel that you’re aiming for.

    Third - If you buy frames first

    Once you have the frames, lay them down or hold them up to figure out what layout/configuration you want, move the frames around, see what looks best in the space and on the wall that you have.

    • Once you have an idea of your space, the frames (keep the packaging on the frames and receipts that way if you get the print and change your mind about what frame colour you want, you can go and swap it)

    Four - if you buy prints first

     If you purchase the prints first, it's a little harder as you have to find frames to fit them and then work out the sizing and layout. We have found if you sketch it out on a bit of paper based on the size prints you want, and knowing the wall size, that helps a lot.

    • Some customers go as far as taking a photo of their wall and screen shots of the prints they like and putting them together in word/photoshop to see how they will work together, get the layout and colour balance right once all combined.

    Five - Hanging the frames

    • When you are ready to hang, measure/hold the frame up and mark out your nail position. This allows you to get the space in between the frames correct as that might be the hardest part of hanging frames. I’ve messed this up a LOT of times and had a LOT of holes in many walls. So if you know someone that is really good with measuring and attention to detail ask them to help!